Merfolk's Lullaby

The Era of Legends

Flameheart Junior's Arrival

The adopted son of Flameheart Senior, had grown up to become a man and had dreams of being a pirate like his father. He managed to haggle with Isidro at a Tavern after flashing an Ancient Coin, convincing him to help show him the way to the Sea of Thieves.

Rather than having a ship specially made for him, he purchased a ship in the harbour, the Silver Blade, although he wanted to rename it to Liberdade but was told that doing so would bring bad luck. With ship and crew in tow, he set sail for the Sea of Thieves.

Despite wanting to take on the name of his father, Flameheart, the crew nicknamed him Captain Faintheart.

Flameheart Junior kept a journal documenting his time becoming a pirate and what he learns about life as a pirate.


Tales From The Sea of Thieves

Merfolk's Lullaby