Merfolk's Lullaby

The Era of Legends

Flameheart Jr met the Cap'n

Shipwrecked and washed ashore on an unknown island, Flameheart Junior and crew find a riddle map that leads to a cave. They found in the cave network a mysterious golden chalice.

Countless days and nights were spent wandering deeper into the cave and as they progress the crew slowly ceased to eat and sleep. At they reached the end, they were all transformed into skeletons but only Flameheart Jr kept his memories and became a Skeleton Lord.

Finally, he met The Cap'n, the captain of the ship where his father, Flameheart Senior, was a crew member. The Captain asked Flameheart to follow him to make him a Pirate For All Eternity.


Tales From The Sea of Thieves

Merfolk's Lullaby