Merfolk's Lullaby


The Tale of the Rubbish Sailor


Searchin’ for loot wi’ the crew one day, Through me eyeglass somethin’ glinted. Found a treasure chest – the very best. We knew it would make us minted. ‘Coins of gold were ours to share. But me I wanted more. Stole from me crew – just an extra few. They knocked me to the floor. 'The brig, the brig. Lock ‘im up they said. The brig, the brig. Left me there for dead. 'Headin’ back to port with our plunder We was boarded by a rival. Twas Three Sheets Neate — a dirty cheat. We fought for our survival. ‘Our crew was brave apart from me. I hid on the balcony smokin’. They weren't best pleased — me arms were seized. Yer for it we ain't jokin’. With this tale of the rubbish sailor.


    Merfolk's Lullaby