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Humphrey is a representative of the Gold Hoarders Trading Company, and he has seemingly earned himself a high position with the ranks.

Originally a humble merchant outside of the Sea of Thieves, he refused an offer by the Grand Maritime Union and found himself being run out of business. They used their influence to blacklist Humphrey and cause him to fall on bad times.

He struggled to get by, and as a means to make ends meet for his ill wife AnnaLee, he joined a pirate crew headed for the Sea of Thieves.

He learned how to run a ship, becoming a useful member of the crew, but he longed for his merchant days. His curiosity was piqued when he met a member of the Gold Hoarders, Hogarth, begging the man to teach him how to become a member. Hogarth took him on as an apprentice.

In time Humphrey wished to serve a higher power and questioned Hogarth about his Key tattoo, expressing interest in getting one of his own. Hogarth obliged and took him to an island in secret to meet with The Brotherhood. They give him his own Key tattoo and he shortly afterwards meets with the Gold Hoarder himself, receiving a Skeleton Key from him.

Still thinking of his wife back home, he sends a small amount of his earnings back to her every so often. He is caught doing this by another Gold Hoarder and told of the dire consequences this could have, and so he writes to the Gold Hoarder to explain his position and to beg for forgiveness.

Since the Gold Hoarder's disappearance, Humphrey seems to have taken a higher role within the Company, organising the usage of Ancient Vaults and co-ordinating the efforts of the other representatives.

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Merfolk's Lullaby