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Flameheart Senior

Flameheart Senior

Flameheart grew to prominence with the tactics of intimidation and force at his disposal, never afraid to take what he felt was his. Ruthless and with fiery ambition, he let his rage consume him.

Not much is remembered about the man Flameheart was before he became a Skeleton Lord, or the spectral skeleton head we see in the skies today.

With his flagship the Burning Blade, he led an armada that nearly brought the Sea of Thieves to it's knees. His finest and most loyal lieutenants were the Ashen Lords, fearsome undead warriors who had been crafted from arcane magic and willing victims.

He sealed himself away in his remains, that were then hidden on Flintlock Peninsula, until the time was right for his return.

And return he did, when Pendragon released his soul from his skull, leading us to the great big angry shouty skull in the sky we have today.

His base of operations seems to have been the Heart of Fire, a cave network deep underneath the Devil's Thirst.


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