Merfolk's Lullaby

Year 5 Quiz

Year 5 Quiz

1. What did the Reapers bury on Shipwreck Bay?
2. What did Flameheart want from Wonda after capturing her?
3. What was the meaning of the message in runes inscribed on the ritual table on Merrick's ship?
4. What buried object caused Golden Sands Outpost to be covered in the Fog of the Damned?
5. Where did the Masked Assailant kill Merrick?
6. What is the place from the world of the living that was twisted in the Sea of the Damned to keep Merrick captive?
7. For whom did Belle organise an unbinding ritual?
8. Who did Stitcher Jim plot against during his time on Ashen Reaches?
9. Who was re-born during the Time of Resurrection?
10. Who killed DeMarco?
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Merfolk's Lullaby