Merfolk's Lullaby

Year 4 Quiz

Year 4 Quiz

1. Which of these islands has a Stone Tablet that Duke found while searching for a treasure?
2. Who is not a member of the Dark Brethren?
3. Where did the Dark Brethren meet?
4. What is the name of the Cursed Captain's ship?
5. Who is Teddy the Tavernkeeper at the Tavern of the Damned?
6. Who wrote and left journals in the Shrine of Ocean's Fortune?
7. Whose skeleton is locked in the vault of the Shrine of Ancient Tears?
8. In which tavern did 'The Orb' reveal visions?
9. Which outpost was swallowed up by the Fog of the Damned and destroyed?
10. What is the name of the Sea Fort next to Sea Dog's Rest?
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Merfolk's Lullaby