Merfolk's Lullaby

Sea of Thieves Awards 2021

Sea of Thieves Awards 2021

Merfolk's Lullaby

Best Season

2021 was the beginning of Seasons for Sea of Thieves and there was a surplus of sensational surprises to be had, but which Season left the biggest impression on our corsairs?

Season 3: A Pirate's Life
Season 5: Buried Treasures
Season 2: Forts of Fortune
Season 4: Sunken Kingdom
Season 1: Lost Shipments
Best Tall Tale

With Season 3: A Pirate’s Life, five new Tall Tales were introduced and carefully wove a new narrative experience within the Sea of Thieves by combining gameplay elements and design with storytelling and magical musical moments. Of these five Tall Tales, which Tale resonated most?

Captains of the Damned
A Pirate's Life
Lords of the Sea
Dark Brethren
The Sunken Pearl
Best Siren Shrine

An entire kingdom submerged in the depths of the Seas was uncovered this year, and with it came six unique Siren Shrine locations. These Shrines gave new loot, new lore, and new sights to behold, but only one of them can be crowned the best Siren Shrine.

Shrine of Ancient Tears
Shrine of Ocean's Fortune
Shrine of Tribute
Shrine of Hungering
Shrine of the Coral Tomb
Shrine of Flooded Embrace
Best Villain

What would a good story be without a real bad villain? Our Sea of Thieves is home to some downright nasty pieces of work, but who really left you quaking in your boots, eager to defy and defeat them?

The Gold Hoarder
Flameheart Senior
Davy Jones
Siren Queen
Best Enemy

Of course we can’t forget about the little guy either, the minions to the masters, the grunts to the grand admirals... this award goes to the Best Enemy that was introduced in 2021.

Best Tool

There are no rules to how you can Be More Pirate, just tools! But which tool did you think added most to your arsenal of treacherous trickery and tomfoolery?

Cannon Rowboat
Burying Treasures
Best Sea of the Damned Location

A long-awaited peek beyond the veil, the Sea of the Damned was finally accessible to rogues, but which location in these ethereal planes did you vote to have the best combination of environment, exploration, and puzzles?

Isla Tesoro
Sailor's Grave
The Whispering Bayou
Tavern of the Damned
Coastal Fort
Dead Man's Grotto
Best Island

The Sea of Thieves is home to over 100 islands, small and wide, tall and narrow, all with their unique personalities that warm the heart of even the coldest pirate, places we see and remind us of home away from home. Only one island can come out on top however.

Smugglers' Bay
Thieves' Haven
The Reaper's Hideout
Mermaid's Hideaway
Plunder Outpost
Fort of the Damned
Old Sailor's Isle
Isla Tesoro
Tribute Peak
Devil's Ridge
Port Merrick
The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern
Crook's Hollow
Ancient Spire Outpost
Uncharted Island (K9)
Crescent Isle
Cannon Cove
Sanctuary Outpost
Chicken Isle
Galleon's Grave Outpost
Wanderers Refuge
Morrow's Peak Outpost
Stephen's Spoils
Plunder Valley
Uncharted Island (N13)
Shark Bait Cove
The Coral Fortress
Snake Island
Discovery Ridge
The Whispering Bayou
Booty Isle
Sailors' Bounty
Tavern of the Damned
The North Star Seapost
Lagoon of Whispers
Kraken's Fall
Lone Cove
Picaroon Palms
Dagger Tooth Outpost
The Finest Trading Post
Keel Haul Fort
Rum Runner Isle
Rapier Cay
Sailor's Grave
Mutineer Rock
The Devil's Thirst
The Crooked Masts
The Sunken Grove
Coastal Fort
Old Salts Atoll
Lonely Isle
Lost Gold Fort
The Wild Treasures Store
Salty Sands
Tri-Rock Isle
Molten Sands Fortress
Lookout Point
Fetcher's Rest
Hidden Spring Keep
Old Faithful Isle
Marauder's Arch
The Spoils of Plenty Store
Three Paces East Seapost
Cursewater Shores
Dead Man's Grotto
Shark Fin Camp
Fools Lagoon
Shipwreck Bay
Castaway Isle
Flintlock Peninsula
Isle of Last Words
Paradise Spring
Brian's Bazaar
Black Sand Atoll
Barnacle Cay
Roaring Traders
Scurvy Isley
Sea Dog's Rest
Ashen Reaches
Sailor's Knot Stronghold
Magma's Tide
Brimstone Rock
Liar's Backbone
Cutlass Cay
Plunderer's Plight
The Forsaken Brink
Ruby's Fall
Roaring Sands
Twin Groves
Kraken Watchtower
Black Water Enclave