Merfolk's Lullaby

The Ancient Era

The Great Warrior's Journey

The Duty of the Warrior

In a world where peace is fragile, a legendary figure known as the Great Warrior emerges. Tasked with shouldering the responsibility of protecting their people, the Warrior embodies courage and strength. In times of peace, they train others in the arts of tracking, hunting, and combat, always vigilant for any signs of disturbance. During periods of war, the Warrior advises the leaders, providing invaluable insights into tactics and strategy. When new threats arise, they fearlessly confront them on the battlefield.

The Birth of the Great Warrior

Legend speaks of the extraordinary birth of the Great Warrior, whose mere cry caused the setting sun to momentarily rise again, intrigued by the commotion. As an infant, the Warrior displayed an insatiable curiosity, venturing out of their home to explore the world. Even the usual sources of nourishment, such as coconut milk and ripe mangoes, failed to satisfy their hunger. The Warrior's cries attracted the attention of a mighty boar, which charged towards them with furious intent. Undeterred, the child seized the boar's horns and effortlessly tossed it into a cooking pot, leading to a grand feast. Surprisingly, the Warrior found that the fight itself had satiated their appetite.

The Reflection of the Great Warrior

Seeking a worthy opponent for the Great Warrior, the King approached Patient Turtle, who dwelled in slumber on the sea bed. Desperate for a suitable challenge, the King sought counsel. Patient Turtle advised the King to direct the Warrior's attention to the water. Gazing upon their own reflection, the Warrior immediately raised their blade, engaging in a ten-day battle against the water itself. Upon returning to Patient Turtle, victorious and having vanquished their own reflection, the Warrior's training reached its culmination. Patient Turtle returned to its slumber, content with the Warrior's growth and their readiness to face any adversary.

The Great Warrior's Quest

Having grown into adulthood, the Great Warrior embarked on a nomadic journey, venturing far and wide to eliminate monstrous creatures and assist those in need. When confronted with the menace of Many-Arms — a creature devouring ships and child of Old Mother — the Warrior devised a daring plan. Intent on drinking the ocean dry to expose Many-Arms to the lethal sunlight, the Warrior's actions drew the desperate pleas of the people whose lives relied on the waves. Despite their objections, the Warrior reached beneath the water's surface, ensnaring Many-Arms and presenting it to the King. Touched by compassion, the King kept Many-Arms as a pet, sparing its life.

The Great Warrior's Final Rest

As the Great Warrior's legendary journey neared its end, they sought solace and rest. Approaching the King, the Warrior posed the question of where they should lay down their blade. Having traversed the seas on a tar-pitch boat, which had served as both their bed and shelter, the Warrior had never required a home until now. Contemplating various landscapes, the King ultimately directed the Warrior towards a door that led to an ascending path of countless golden steps. Instructing the Warrior to climb to the top, the King revealed his divine power as the Warrior ascended to the heavens, taking their place among the stars to watch over their slumbering people.

Merfolk's Lullaby