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Update: November 05, 2021

Update: November 05, 2021

Ahoy me hearties and welcome to this first update news!

I can't believe that in almost a month Merfolk's Lullaby will celebrate its 2nd year. A project that started with simple statistics about the game has evolved a lot and now includes your trusty interactive map with weather forecasts and a timeline of the lore of the game. With today's update I'm releasing improvements to the experience of the app but also some foundations of the new tools and features I'm working on for the end of the year and for Merfolk's Lullaby anniversary.

Enhanced Navigation

As I mentioned, Merfolk's Lullaby has grown a lot and hosts various projects today. To improve their discoverability and make it easier for you to navigate through the app, you will now find quick links in the navigation bar on large screen devices. You are now able to navigate to the Trade Routes or to the Skeleton Runes compendium in just one click!

I am still exploring solutions for the small screens of mobile phones but you will find with this update an improved navigation menu that is ready to welcome new projects and that is not limited to only 5 links.

General Settings

As Merfolk's Lullaby is expanding and to prepare the upcoming tools, I needed a place where you can customize your app experience. There was already a settings tab in the interactive map that you may have already used but it was limited. I fully reworked how customizing some part of the app work so it can be generalized and applied to various projects, while having the ability to easily add new options.

Your preferences from the old settings system will be automatically upgraded to this new version. The settings of the interactive map are still available to the same place you are used to, there is just the option to find them also in the general settings.

Please note that the experimental features (more details below) need to be enabled in the settings to enable the weather forecasts widget for the interactive map. I made this choice because I would like to collect feedback from those who use it. I'm not sure I'll keep it in the future, at least not in its the current state. So please, send me your feedback and tell me how/why you use it. To facilitate this transition, those who had the weather forecasts widget enabled will have the experimental features enabled automatically.

Start customizing your Merfolk's Lullaby experience in the Settings page, and stay tuned as I will add new options and features soon.

Experimental Features

I'm introducing with this update experimental features that you can enable in the settings. These features and tools are work in progress and unpolished. They may not work properly or made available globally ultimately. This means that you can now help me shape the upcoming features of Merfolk's Lullaby and your feedback will be very valuable. You will find a link to the freshly created Merfolk's Lullaby Discord server when you enable these experimental features. Please note that this is not the Ancient Isles University Discord server.


Accounts are something I always wanted to do, but I didn't want to release this feature until I had a reason to use them. As I'm gearing up for the features for the end of the year that are going to need accounts to function, I feel it is the right time to test the sign in process. I'm releasing this today in the experimental features to gather feedback and to see if there is any issue that's preventing you from signing in.

Note that at the moment there aren't many features for registered users. However, you can sync your settings between your devices through your account now!


I have received several suggestions to implement notifications to be alerted from various things, so I am very happy to release this very early iteration of Merfolk's Lullaby notifications in the experimental features. They are at the moment only available to registered users so it will be easier for me to fix issues. Please note that I'm going to run various tests through November to make sure everything work as intended and that I may reset or erase your notifications preferences. I recommend joining Merfolk's Lullaby Discord in order to stay up to date with the tests I will make and let me know about any issue you may experience.

With this first iteration you will be able to subscribe to notifications for News, new Trade Routes, new Timeline events and new Lore Lessons pages and quiz. I am fully aware that the weather forecasts are not included, but this is something I would love to include in the future. I plan to completely rework the system to track the storm, so stay tuned!

Support me

Merfolk's Lullaby app is completely free and will remain so. I hate ads, they deteriorate the user experience and most of the time violate your privacy. I'm building Merfolk's Lullaby for the community, to create tools that expand the experience you have from Sea of Thieves and I'm not here to make money on your personal data.

However, the servers to host the Merfolk's Lullaby app and its various services have a certain cost. I do my best to optimize the app to adapt to what I can put financially in the servers. Unfortunately it happens that requests fail when at peaks when lots of people try to access the app or who browse the map as it is very resource intensive.

So I decided to also announce today my Ko-fi page for those who would like to support me and help me financially in what I do with Merfolk's Lullaby. I am not sure yet what kind of things or perks I could share there but let's start this adventure and let's find out!

Thank you for all the support for Merfolk's Lullaby!

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