Merfolk's Lullaby

Murder Mystery
From shell of red into water deep, the truth shall come to light...
You said yourself we were done.
He made that perfectly clear.
So? I lied.
You're the last person I expected here.
Just listen! None of this feels right...
Of course it is. Right from the start, it has been.
Don't tell me you're becoming sentimental after all this time.
This isn't a joke!
You thought I'd just let this go?
The truth will come out. It always does, sooner or later.
I mean it. I don't trust anyone, not any more.
No-one can know I was here.
As If you could.
I've never seen you this upset...
You're being ridiculous.
Don't startle me like that! I nearly shot you.
How could I not be? They're coming for me. I can feel it.
I don't think so. I have to cover my tracks.
You're an idiot. I know exactly what you two talked about.
He didn't want you involved. You know that. You're too impulsive.
You! Determined as ever to follow in my footsteps, I see.
Heh... I think this is the first truly brave thing I've ever done.
Hardly. That'd make me a coward, and a liar.
Me? I'm not the one throwing their life away.
So? It's my life we're talking about.
Like it or not, this is goodbye.
I don't think so. I found you once, I can hunt you down again.
You know, I'm not one to gossip, but you've just reminded me of a visitor we had in here the other night! The Pirate Lord's son ordering a drink in my very own tavern! If I weren't so tight-lipped, I'd be shouting about it from the rooftops. He seemed vey anxious, though, and kept checking his pocket watch. Said he had to be away before the clock struck twelve... Anyway, keep that to yourself!
Ancient Spire Outpost
Hello, stranger! I must say, I'm seeing a lot of new faces here these days. The other day I had an out-of-towner arrive who seemed... well, completely lost, if I'm honest. He was looking rather scorched and kept muttering about campfires. Nearly drank me dry!
Morrow's Peak Outpost
Is it lantern insurance you're after? My policies are very popular at the moment. Just the other day I provided full coverage to one of my counterparts who was taking a trip into the Roar. It was a little pricey, but better safe than sorry if you're heading to The Devil's Thirst. And besides, I've got a wife and twelve kids to think about!
The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern
Sigh... Sorry, I'm not really in the mood to talk. I just feel so... confined stuck here day in, day out. Not like that DeMarco chap. I saw him ambling off to Discovery Ridge without a care in the world. It's alright for some...
Ancient Spire Outpost
That's a fine lantern you've swiped, but what about a new spyglass to go with it? I've got a great model that's so powerful I was able to spy some lass skulking by a cave painting, even though the sun was barely up! And it also — hang on, no, I sold that one yesterday. Oh well. Sorry to get your hopes up!
Plunder Outpost
Hey there, pirate. You can call me Tracy, just let me know whenever you want anything. For example, you might want to put that lantern away and pull out a tankard instead. It's better for holding your grog! Mind you, one of my tavernkeeper ancestors used to serve what he called a ‘Hot Groggy' warmed over the coals of the hearth. Is that what you're ordering?
Sanctuary Outpost
Enter, weary traveller, and take respite from the burdens of oceanic existence. Why, I declare your aspect even more bedraggled than the poor soul I encountered while venturing afield upon my midday constitutional! They tarried between roaring flame and thundering water. A gamut of elemental sensations! Truth be told, it was somewhat vexatious, so I bade them farewell. Ah, kismet...
Galleon's Grave Outpost
Hello there! You look like you've got something important on your mind. The only person I've seen looking as pensive as you was that clean-shaven lad I glimpsed the other day. I'm not sure what had them so perplexed — but I suppose Criminal Cave can be a dangerous place!
Sanctuary Outpost
Oh, that lantern of yours looks rather weathered. Are you after a replacement? Well then, let Tom show you his neeeeew PREMIUM SELECTION! ...Is what I'd like to say, but I've been so busy rebuilding, this is still my claaasssic ASSORTMENT! Sorry.
New Golden Sands Outpost
Mind me eyessshh! I'm a little the worssshhh for wear today. Leeasssshhttt it's q-q-quieter than the other day when Trassshhyyy went missshhing. I HAD TO C-C-COVER her whole ssshhhiffft. My whole af... afternoon waaaassshteed. Gruuggh...
Dagger Tooth Outpost
Yeah? It's a lantern, what about it? Lots of people acting strangely these days. Look at Tracy. Meeting a stranger on top of a bridge that high? It was weird.
Plunder Outpost
What's all this about then? Are you saying it's not bright enough in here? Hmm... Maybe you're right! I've been working so hard on rebuilding I might have missed a candle here or there. I swore I'd throw a party once this place was open again, but right now all I really want is a snooze!
New Golden Sands Outpost
I could have used a lantern like that on the day I saw that strange lady sneaking around. Why did she wander all alone, seated on a chair of bone? It's quite perplexing. And everyone knows I HATE riddles!
Dagger Tooth Outpost
Here for one of my special grogs? I thought so! They're all the rage lately. I had someone make the trip here just for a tankard of ‘Crimson Rotter' to calm their nerves. They were very excited. Something about a sunset rendezvous... How romantic!
Galleon's Grave Outpost
Oh dear, my friend. As lanterns go, that's not a particularly ostentatious example, is it? I'm sure I can find something a little more deluxe for you to go showing off around the Outposts. Is it a gilded handle you're after? Or perhaps some gemstone studding. Please, do browse my wares and let me know!
Morrow's Peak Outpost
Who do you suspect of being the murderer?