Merfolk's Lullaby




The deed is done. A great door protects the remains, and will keep pirates and other intruders at bay. I have ensured it can only be opened from within. When the last of the Rites had been completed, our Commander bade us set course, deep into the Devil’s Shroud itself. I thought perhaps he meant for its tendrils to destroy the Ashen Dragon as it has so many other ships, but he gave me one last order. Once he had spoken, the Commander burned so fiercely that even the fog seemed afraid, and so a path was cleared. Such is the might of an Ashen Lord! He is naught but dust now, his power expended. As ordered, we will pass through the Shroud and into hiding until we are needed once more. One day, we shall summon us, and the world shall once again know the fury of the Ashen Dragon…

Sea of Thieves

Merfolk's Lullaby