Merfolk's Lullaby


Giving up


I tried every trick I could think of to stay awake, but I nodded off up on this bridge, amongst another group of skeletons. I dreamed there was a man standing over me, stern and smart. He reminded me a bit of that old captain Jill used to idolise… It was like he was trying to say something… and then KABOOM! Lightning strike. I woke up in SUCH a panic! My foot got tangled in some ropes and I started screaming. I tugged as hard as I could… and all of the cages toppled off the bridge. Oops. I’m done. Dawn is here and I didn’t see one single ghost. I’ll leave my books behind in case someone else has better luck. I’m coming home now, Dad. Once again, I’m coming home and Jill isn’t. Sorry.

Sea of Thieves

Merfolk's Lullaby