Merfolk's Lullaby


Bye Bye , Blackwyche


Now I understand why they call it a ‘Chest of Rage’. I can hear the souls inside and they ain’t stopped yelling and screaming, not once. I says to ’em, it’s nothing personal, just that I already had their belongings lying around from that Pendragon business. Dunn was the easiest to find, snoring his head off at a sea post with a splashtail in one hand and in the other. He didn’t even wake up! Cavendish was next. Her Dad was the one whose soul got trapped on the Blackwyche back in the day, so bad luck must run in the family. Rodriguez put up a fight and nearly stuck me. Too bad I’d already slipped something into her grog. Well, she doesn’t need a stomach no more…

Sea of Thieves

Merfolk's Lullaby