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The Brethren Convenes

The Brethren Convenes

The Brethren Convenes, by Wanda the Warsmith.

Scrutinising this strange collection of faces – some unfamiliar, some unexpected – I have finally realised just what has drawn us here.

The Fallen Ruler – the gold on his skull now mottled and tarnished, whose greed could never be sated by the paltry tributes of his disciples.

Davy Jones himself – once a pirate, whose greatest love was the sea, but that sea betrayed him in the end. Took all it could, gave nothing back.

The Outcast – blamed by his kin for causing chaos, now lured here by the Sirens' song. He sees, at last, that his dream is over. It is time to wake up.

We are all here because we have lived the lie of the pirate's life, in our own ways, and it brought us nothing but anguish. Now it is time for the lie to end.

Sea of Thieves
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Merfolk's Lullaby