Merfolk's Lullaby


Oh Hail, the Pirate Lord


Beyond the ocean, rocks and mist, lies a secret none can tell. Filled with booty, grog and reminisce, its my crews true place to dwell. Oh where will I find a haven safe to stash my hoard? Hush now, you sea urchin! Just take it to the Lord! He waits amongst a pile of gold. He wants them chests, unearthed, found and stole. Beyond horizon, reefs and port. Be a place that none can see. Stocked with parchment, grog, and long lost maps. It be filled with mystery. Oh how will I make my ship a legend that's adored. Hush now you land lubber! You haves to please the Lord! He waits amongst a pile of gold. Tell him, the things, to your crew never told. Just serve him and then you'll see... Pirate Legend maketh thee. Now angle those sails for destiny! Oh hail, the Pirate Lord!


    Merfolk's Lullaby