Merfolk's Lullaby




The Tavernkeeper at Ancient Spire Outpost.

Her father ran the Unicorn Tavern before her, and raised her too.

Growing up she was often visited by the infamous Captain Briggsy, who told her tales of her daring deeds. Tasha would draw these adventures in her Journal, dreaming of becoming a pirate herself when she got older.

Over time, that dream never came to fruition as she was led to believe that Briggsy's stories were all lies and fabrications, and that she was a bad person.

Her Journal proved integral to a group of pirates seeking the Shores of Gold and that encounter led her to regaining some of her childhood respect for Briggsy and desire for adventure.

During one Festival of Giving, when getting out the decorations, Tasha rediscovered her Journal and went on a short voyage to seek treasure and adventure. She returned with loot, but would later that night be unknowingly visited by the Dark Brethren. The next morning she awoke to find herself under the effects of the skeleton curse. Seeking help for her affliction, she met with Madame Olivia who devised a plan.

Sea of Thieves

Merfolk's Lullaby