Merfolk's Lullaby

Ancient Isles University

There was a time when the ancient people lived in this place now called the Sea of Thieves and mastered all kinds of knowledge.

The ancients worshipped things which have ruled there far longer than them. They learned to sail the sea undisturbed by making sacrifices and thanks to this knowledge they helped the merfolk several times. The ancients were greatly appreciated by the mer people. The latter used to uncover precious stones and gems in the very deepest parts of the ocean to bring them back to the meeting places as a gift. Some say that the ancients used these gems to master magic and protect the Sea of Thieves.

Now that the ancients are gone, the only things left of their precious knowledge are paintings and ruins, mere remains of their existence. There are whispers and legends from across the waves of sightings of something more dangerous to come. Will our cannonballs be enough to protect the Sea of Thieves?

A group of pirates decided to join forces to found a university, conduct research and uncover the knowledge of the ancients.


Sea of Thieves is filled with mysterious weather phenomena: a dark mass of clouds with turbulent waves, an intense fog or lava rocks falling from the sky. Our research focuses on studying the behaviours of these entities and providing reliable weather forecasts.


All sailors rely on the stars to guide them safely, and there is plenty to be gleamed by the waxing and waning of the moon. Through our studies we have been able to identify the existence of eclipses, and our current project with astronomy is to build a more robust tracking system to accurately pinpoint the moments these eclipses happen.


Here at the Ancient Isles University we are dedicated to understanding the history of the Sea of Thieves and its original inhabitants. Before we pirates came, a great people flourished and thrived here but now all the remains is remnants. What happened to them? How did they live? And what can we learn from them? Not only this but our own pirate history has gone undocumented, and we wish to create a record of all our happenings.

Merfolk's Lullaby