Merfolk's Lullaby


Ancient Isles University

Here at the Ancient Isles University we are dedicated to understanding the history of the Sea of Thieves and its original inhabitants. Before we pirates came, a great people flourished and thrived here but now all the remains is remnants. What happened to them? How did they live? And what can we learn from them? Not only this but our own pirate history has gone undocumented, and we wish to create a record of all our happenings.

Skeleton Runes

Everyone has a way to communicate, and that includes skeletons who roam the Sea of Thieves. Collected here are the known runes that skeletons use, many of which are decoded, but there are still a few that have yet to be confirmed. Our historians are dedicated to deciphering and discovering all aspects of this mysterious way of communicating.

Merfolk's Lullaby